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How Natural Light Tubular Skylight Works

Fafco Solar is pleased to offer Natural Light Tubular Skylights - the best in the industry for your home.

Tubular Skylights are energy efficient high performance lighting systems.  They are cylindrical in shape and are designed to light rooms up with natural sunlight. A small clear collector dome on the roof allows sunlight to enter into a highly reflective "light pipe" that extends from the roof level to the ceiling level.

The light pipe is coated with a silver finish mirror quality that allows the full spectrum of sunlight to be channeled.  It disperses evenly into a room through the means of a diffuser located in the ceiling.

Tubular Skylights are designed not to compromise roof integrity.  The unit minimizes the size of roof penetrations, and is weather-tight, eliminating the chance of leaks.


Tubular Skylights provide many advantages over traditional skylights:

Tubular Skylights Installed - Roof View
Tubular Skylight
Roof View
  • Save on your lighting costs - Tubular skylights can significantly reduce electricity used for lighting your home or business. Read our solar lighting success story.
  • Far Less Expensive Than Conventional Skylights
  • Emit More Light Per Given Area - Because of the high reflectivity of the mirror-like light pipe. Since they are smaller, they also enable installation in virtually any location.
  • More Energy Efficient - The cylindrical design minimizes the area for direct light to enter and heat up the area, the thin light pipe radiates any collected heat into the attic area. In addition, the light pipe acts as a sealed shaft, so that very little heat escapes up the light pipe, whereas a tremendous amount of heat rises up the large shaft of traditional skylights.
  • Engineered Diffuser Spreads The Natural Light Throughout Room - Enhances the true colors of the space.
  • 99% Harmful UV Rays Are Absorbed - By the tubular skylights special dome, light pipe and diffuser material, thereby eliminating the bleaching effect on rugs and furniture.
  • Can Be Installed In Less Than Two Hours  - Fraction of the time it takes to install a traditional skylight. No painting, frame work or drywall is required for installation.


Tubular Skylight
Entire Tubular

Natural Light uses the highest quality materials in the manufacturing process. Entire unit designed around performance, ease of installation and being able to withstand the weathering effects of any environment. The best warranty in the industry, 25 years.

Tubular Skylights by Natural Light offer the following features:

  • Adapt To Any Type Of Roof System
  • Energy Star Rated
  • Fit Any Roof Pitch
  • Easy Installation
  • Very Attractive Unit Due To Ultra Low Profile
  • 25 Year Warranty
  • Seamless To Ensure No Leakage
  • Easy Snap-On Diffuser
  • Exclusive Dome Stress Ring Isolates Environmental Stressing - Ensuring weather tight, long lasting fit.


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