Completion of Solar Panel Project for Bonita Springs' Largest Green Energy Powered Company Announced by Fafco Solar



Fafco Solar announces it has recently completed a solar panel project for the the largest, private “Green Energy” powered company in Bonita Springs, FL, “Patriot Stor-All”. The systems will provide 100% of the energy required for each building, including the office, tenant spaces, and storage units.

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BONITA SPRINGS, FLORIDA (March 7, 2013)– Fafco Solar announces it has recently completed a solar panel project for the largest, private “Green Energy” powered company in Bonita Springs, “Patriot Stor-All”. Patriot Stor-All, formerly known as “K-9 Storage”, is a warehouse complex located adjacent to the Bonita Springs greyhound racetrack. The property has undergone a number of changes to improve its energy efficiency, the most recent being Fafco Solar’s installation of 313 solar panels. Patriot Stor-All plans to have all conversions completed later this month, so that it can “flip the switch” to green energy.

Patriot Stor-All is owned by Jim Nickerson (Nickerson Holdings, LLC). Jim has been working with Fafco’s solar advisor, Dominick Zito, to get the project underway. Through Fafco Solar, Nickerson learned of the Florida Power & Light (FPL) incentive program, which provides funding to both residential and commercial customers who upgrade to solar power.

“Mr. Nickerson wanted to take advantage of the unproductive roof space at his business,” said Zito. “We advised him that this was a great time to be ‘going green’ with solar energy. Of course, there are the obvious reasons of reducing energy consumption and utilizing the abundant energy we have from the sun in this area. (It is the ‘sunshine state’ after all!) However, there are also some excellent financial incentives right now for going solar. The combination of Federal Tax Credits and Utility Rebates provide an attractive return on investment and hedge against rising energy prices. Storage facilities encompass large areas of real estate. So, maximizing the revenue produced by every square foot possible is just good business practice.”

Once Nickerson decided to move forward with the project, Fafco began designing a solar electric photovoltaic system that would fit the needs of Patriot Stor-All. Fafco Solar monitored the property’s 24 FPL accounts, and analyzed the energy usage going back more than a year. After factoring in room for growth, a system was recommended that would meet the needs of the company and its tenants. Patriot Stor-All has diverse tenants, ranging from small tradesmen who operate out of the facility, to people using the warehouses to store RV’s, cars, boats, or for general storage. Fafco Solar will provide ongoing monitoring as part of the system design, to help Patriot Stor-All manage changing needs.

The solar panels that were installed consisted of three 25kW grid-interactive photovoltaic systems. These systems were placed on three of ten buildings at the facility. Each system uses photovoltaic panels from Canadian Solar and Enphase M215 Microinverters. Each panel and inverter is monitored individually, alerting the owner and installer to any performance issues. Each system is mounted on an aluminum rack structure (manufactured by Unirac), which was designed by Fafco Solar to withstand wind speeds of 160 mph, per the latest Florida Building Code.

The Patriot Stor-All solar panel installation project was completed by Fafco Solar in late February, and is currently undergoing system testing. The full commissioning of the project is expected to be live by March 11, 2013.

Patriot Stor-All’s new solar panels will produce energy for the office, as well as tenants that occupy various spaces in the facility. The systems are expected to provide 100% of the energy required for each building. Excess energy will be sold back to the utility company.

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